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Men's Argyle Socks

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Originally developed as the distinctive tartan for clan Campbell of Argyle in western Scotland, the argyle pattern has grown in popularity and versatility throughout the centuries. After the first World War, the Duke of Windsor launched this distinctive pattern into the mainstream, adapting it for his own sweaters and long sports socks. Just a little nugget of information for your next cocktail party, water cooler chat, or trivia night. At Joy of Socks, we like to keep you informed as well as in fashion.

Speaking of fashion, we know a lot of our customers count the argyle print among their favorites. That’s why we offer a boundless selection of men’s argyle socks, from conservative to bold, to just plain out-there.


At Joy of Socks, we like to make sure your feet are covered for even the dressiest occasions. In that spirit, we offer men’s argyle dress socks in a range of classic colors sure to go with your finest suit or tuxedo. 

A Bolder Take on a Sophisticated Classic

Argyle patterns in bright, bold colors are an excellent way to give your ensemble an extra oomph, or to fill out a connoisseur’s collection. Know someone who loves the pattern enough to collect variations of men’s argyle socks? We suggest gifting them with argyles in paprika and twilight hues by Socksmith. For those who long for something even brighter, our Sunshine Yellow Argyle Happy Socks boast an attention-grabbing combination of bright orange, canary yellow, and turquoise. You’d have to try very hard to lose this pair.

Variations on a Theme

Because we are Joy of Socks, we couldn’t stop there. We found designs taking the possibilities for this pattern even further and added them to our selection of men’s argyle socks. They include the mind-bending striped argyle print, which should not be viewed under the influence of alcohol or strong medication. We also offer an argyle print dotted with handlebar mustaches, for a cheeky take on early 20th century men’s fashion. We can even sell you argyle socks with monkeys on them, because come on. Who can resist a monkey-argyle combo? 

All Your Argyle Needs and More

Whether you’re the type who will wear nothing but argyle on his feet, or someone with more varied taste, we have you covered. Our selection of men’s argyle socks is diverse enough to exceed the expectations of the most die-hard collector, but we do offer more variety if you want to venture into new sock territory. With patterns including solids, stripes, dots, and even superheroes, we carry knitted and woven footwear to suit every taste and lifestyle. Shop our online store today.