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Throughout our lives, we all find ourselves required to button up and fit in with the crowd — whether it’s for work, weddings, or special events. On such occasions, the temptation to throw convention out the window and let your true colors show is understandable, to say the least. That’s why we’re such big fans of novelty socks for men. No matter what the dress code, a good pair of novelty socks will allow the wearer to express himself in a way that leaves his company none-the-wiser, aside from the occasional glimpse. At Joy of Socks, we carry a broad range of men’s novelty socks to suit our customers’ every whim.

Comics and Superheroes

Here at Joy of Socks, we’re comics fans ourselves. That’s why we’ve stocked our selection with a range of superhero/comic-themed novelty socks for men. Our dual pack of Batman and Superman socks will allow you to mix and match as you please. You can even put them on with a friend and have the Dark Knight and Man of Steel fight it out — not that we’ve done that. (We’ve totally done that.)

For those unashamed of their sillier side, our Batman Cape Crew Socks come with actual capes draped from the cuff. (We also carry a capeless alternative for those of the anti-cape persuasion.) Those who like their comics on the darker side will appreciate our line of sublimated socks, which boast eerily beautiful prints that stretch and distort according to the size and shape of your leg. Fans of the Joker are sure to appreciate the Joker Sublimated Socks, which create a spectacularly creepy effect.

Lifestyle and Special Interest

Of course, we appreciate a range of interests and activities, as we’re sure our customers do. To that end, we offer a broad selection of cool socks for men, to show off different lifestyles and interests. The Autobug and Backup Socks mimic the ankle holsters of cowboys, mobsters, and even Browncoats (for those who aim to misbehave). For the entomologist, our Beetle Socks set gem-toned beetles against a black background, offering good luck to go with great style. Even stargazers and NASA enthusiasts can have a sock all their own with the Astronaut Moon print.

...And Everything in Between.

Some men just aren’t that easy to pin down. We’re sure you know them. Maybe you are one yourself. These men march to the beat of their own drum, defy expectations, and lend a certainto every situation. For them, we have a range of men’s novelty socks that — like them — cannot be easily categorized, yet cannot be dispensed with.

These include the Artsy Innards socks, which boast a print of brightly colored brains, stomachs, hearts...and a few mystery organs that are sure to spark some conversation. “Ew,” you say? Perhaps you’ll prefer the classic love story played out in our Apes Love Bananas print. On a less loving note,we can all appreciate those moments where PG-rated language fails us. For such occasions, the #$@%! socks (in crew or knee-high) should provide an outlet that won’t get you fired (unless your pants are way too short).

Order Cools Socks for Men

This is just the beginning. If comics-inspired, lifestyle-related, or swearing (!) socks aren’t your thing, we still have a range of options to suit your tastes. Our collection of men’s novelty socks includes mustache themes, fish and animal prints, music, sports, skulls and flames, and much more.

At Joy of Socks, our love of great novelty socks is second only to our commitment to customer satisfaction. So browse our collection, and if you don’t see a pair you love, go ahead and contact us. We’ll be happy to see what we can do for you.