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Men's Patterned Socks

Patterned socks are in high demand, garnering attention and raves from those who want a print as versatile as it is bold and daring. Whether one’s look is executive, business casual, counter-cultural, or anywhere else on the spectrum, the right pattern can go a long way towards completing a look as stylish and unique as you are.

For those whose tastes lie somewhere between basic black and yeti-print, we have a plethora of men’s patterned socks to choose from. Whether you’re into stripes, dots, paisley, or more artsy, mind-bending options, we can assure you that we have your feet covered. Find a pair today to coordinate with your favorite suit, work ensemble, or casual day wear.

Classic Patterns

For those who like to stick to the classics, we have a broad selection of prints to choose from. Our houndstooth prints (in black and red as well as black and white), give a fresh, hip twist to an otherwise conservative pattern. On the other end of the spectrum, we offer a range of camouflage socks perfect for the avid hunter, military man, or sportsman. Of course, there are also the standard stripes and polka dots to choose from, but our Checkerboard print has gained a lot of popularity for its versatility and vintage-inspired, rockabilly look.

Florals and Paisley

There’s something to be said for going a little more flamboyant. Whether you’re embracing your inner mobster, or just expressing an appreciation for the sweeter things in life, floral or paisley men’s patterned socks can really draw a stylish ensemble together. Our Black Tropical Flower socks offer red and gold flowers, plus verdant leaves and vinework, depicted in rich detail against a black background. They’re just plain pretty. For something a bit more colorful, our Odenkirk Charcoal Paisley print hints at a former wild child turned successful businessman. (Yes. We named this after one of our favorite actors whose current character would certainly wear a pair.)

Artistic and Mind-Bending

For the creative type, we have men’s patterned socks that draw influences from across the artistic spectrum. Our Bright Color Blocks print offers the bright, bold shapes of a modern painting, while our Splatter Socks call Jackson Pollack to mind. Want to take things even further? Try our 3D patterned socks (in cubes and squares), which offer style with a side of optical illusion. There’s also our Black Diagonal Stripe print, which gives a sense of swift movement reminiscent of a Japanese animation sequence.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you’re coordinating for executive wear, casual wear, or business casual, the right men’s patterned socks will really help define your look. We value the diversity of our customers, so we’ve gathered virtually every pattern imaginable into our inventory. Browse our online store today to find the print that speaks to you. We appreciate our customers, both new and those who have been shopping with us for years, so we hope you won’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. Shop today.