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Men's Striped Socks

At Joy of Socks, we’re pleased as punch to see men’s striped socks coming into such popularity. They’re great for adding a little flair to the ensemble, whether you’re suiting up for the office or a night on the town, or just going about your day in jeans and a t-shirt. We offer a broad range of variations on the great striped sock, but because we’re Joy of Socks, we couldn’t stop there. We went out and found a range of great twists on this burgeoning classic. 

The Athletic Knee Sock for Bold Flair

It’s no secret that we have a broad array of men’s striped socks ideal for both office and casual wear. However, we’re also fans of the bold look offered by the athletic knee sock. These brightly striped prints are ideal for athletes, punk, goth, and hipster wear. We offer options in black, green, purple, red, and blue (all with white counter-stripes), so no matter what your team (or your ensemble), we’re bound to have your needs covered.

Socks of Bamboo?

For those who may not be familiar, it can be hard to imagine bamboo as a source of fabric. However, this plant is proving not only a sustainable option for textiles, but a favorite resource for luxuriously soft, comfy fabric. The resulting feel could be compared to a silkier version of cotton, so it’s not surprising that few who try bamboo socks ever go back to anything else. We offer many variations of our bamboo men’s striped socks, including orange and burgundy, blue and red, brown and olive, plus black and mustard.

Boldly Going Where No Striped Sock Has Gone Before

We could have looked at our selection of men’s striped socks in casual, athletic, and alternative fabric, and nodded our heads in self-satisfaction. However, at Joy of Socks, we’re always looking for ways to take your footwear to the next level. That’s why we offer men’s striped socks with additional embellishments to allow you to specifically express yourself.

If you’re the verbal type, we offer striped socks branded with single words including “Brat,” “Dork,” “Trashy,” and “Stud” (the last being a clear favorite). For those who agree that a picture’s worth a thousand words, we have smiling socks and sunset socks to be worn on the best of days. To warn people away when you’re not in the mood, we’d recommend the Kick Ass print (with a bucking donkey to illustrate the point), or the aptly named Creepy Clown socks.

Covering the Full Spectrum

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our selection of men’s striped socks. We offer broad stripes as well as slim, zipper stripes, and sweeping diagonals, all in color combinations ranging from subdued to “Gah! My eyes!”. What’s more, because we value our customers and prioritize value, you can shop with the assurance that you’ll be getting the top brands for durability and comfort. None of our socks will be sagging around your ankles in a few months, and we will never rub you the wrong way. Shop our inventory today to find your perfect pair.