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Argyle Knee Socks

Women’s argyle knee high socks are the perfect choice for a versatile, timeless, classic look. At Joy of Socks, we offer a range of argyle socks from classic colors to new, original designs. Our collection is brilliantly tailored to match your every mood, occasion, and ensemble. Here’s a short guide to the women’s argyle socks we have in store:

Classic Argyle Socks

When it comes to classic argyle knee high socks for women, the best options combine incredible style with unbeatable comfort.

  • Designed with varying shades of grey, these Comfort Charcoal and Grey Argyle Knee Socks from Socksmith are outfitted with a roll top.

Non-Traditional Argyle Socks

Just because a pattern is 400 years old doesn’t mean it can’t be hip. Here are a couple of our edgier styles of women’s argyle knee high socks:

  • Boldly embrace irony with these Argyle Mustache Knee Socks from Sock It To Me in tones of brown, white, and tan.

Pink Argyle Socks

Because no collection of argyle knee high socks for women would be complete without a healthy dose of pink, we’ve taken the liberty of including several variations of pink-toned argyle socks.

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