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Men's Over The Calf Socks

It’s no secret that we like to celebrate the joy of fun sock design here at Joy of Socks. However, we’re not just about style. We’re about substance as well. That’s why our selection includes some of the finest luxury socks you’ll find, including men’s over-the-calf wool socks made with top quality and care. Whether you can afford the luxury option or need to stay on a budget, our options will prove a worthy investment likely to last you for years to come.

Why Over the Calf?

For aesthetics alone, men’s over-the-calf socks are an ideal choice for business and formal wear, including suits and tuxedos. Their high cut allows for ample movement without needing to worry about the hem of your trousers riding up above the sock cuffs. However, this design also offers additional perks in terms of health and comfort. By providing light compression on your legs throughout the day, high-cut socks improve circulation and gently massage the muscles, reducing fatigue and providing long-term health benefits.

The Benefits of Wool

It may be surprising to some, but wool has long been a favorite choice among those who appreciate finer-quality socks. While your grandfather’s scratchy rag wool socks may spring to mind, modern socks are now crafted with merino wool — a soft, itch-free fiber like no other. We’re such fans of wool socks ourselves, that we’re developing an inventory of men’s over-the-calf wool socks sure to prove friendly to every budget. We want to make sure no one to misses out!

Ribbed Wool Socks by Bresciani

When selecting top-quality men’s over-the-calf socks for our inventory, we had to make sure we included options from Bresciani. With a reputation for the finest luxury socks in the world, this Italian manufacturer has produced an over-the-calf wool option that’s just plain gorgeous. These black, ribbed socks are made with a combination of merino wool and Himalayan cashmere to give them extra softness. With their excellent craftsmanship, these socks will give you years of comfort with a snug, sag-free fit.

An Affordable Option in Navy

For those who want the top quality and benefits of a good pair of men’s over-the-calf wool socks, but need to adhere to a budget, we also offer an affordable option in navy. Our navy blue merino wool socks offer the same soft weave and snug, over-the-calf design at a fraction of the standard price. Produced by Windsor Collection, these socks don’t skimp on quality craftsmanship, either. Diligent touches, such as the hand-finished toe seam, make these beauties every bit the worthy investment as their costlier cousins.

Shop our men’s over-the-calf wool socks today. Your feet will love you for it.