Wool Crew Socks For Women

Wool Crew Socks For Women

Recycled Yosemite Birch Cabin Socks (Unisex)

Why are wool socks so great? Our women’s wool socks are a hug for your feet. Wool is a magical fabric that keeps you warm in the winter without the sweaty feet factor. Wool socks wick moisture, keeping your feet dry and climate controlled. Wool socks are not just for hiking and skiing anymore (though are great for those activities too!) – the socks in the Joy of Socks Women’s Wool Sock collection are for every day wear and they come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles just for that reason. These wool blends allow for style, stretch and comfort in any setting and situation, so WOOL are you waiting for?

Joy of Socks has thousands of wacky novelty socks and fun dress socks to bridge your creativity with the practicality of footwear. These socks help express your one-of-a-kind personality with funky and unique socks for all occasions. Our carefully curated collections offer something for everyone.

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